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On Tap (5oz, 10oz, 12oz, 16oz) ($2.50, $5.00, $6.00, $7.50)

Decisiones Burocraticas

IPA with flake rye and lemon drop hops. (5%ABV).

Hombre Al Agua

White IPA with a smooth mouthfeel and fruity/citrus flavors (5.25%ABV).

Desórden Ejecutiva

Cloudy beer with notes of tropical fruit, flavors of pineapple, passion fruit, mango and citrus (5.8%ABV).

Cocotero (Boxlab)

Toasted coconut milk stout (6.6%ABV)


A Bière de Garde, balanced with notes of honey and caramel, a slight bitternes and a peppery/spicy semi-dry finish (6.9%ABV).

Hank Scorpio

Rye IPA with notes of lime, lemon and grapefruit (4.85% ABV).

Semifusa (Boxlab)

Brut IPA, the simple malt bill and clean fermentation allow the big dry hop addition of mango-like Mosaic hops to really shine.

Beer Flight!

Ask for our beer flight, we can serve you a little of everything so you can try them all 🍻.

Food Menu (by Chef Cana)

KFC  (Korean Fried Chicken Wings)   $11

Sauces: spicy Gochujang, bulgogi, tamarind peanut butter.

Tiradito de Pepinillo                        $10

(Cucumber Salad) cucumber, cherry tomatoes, mini red peppers, cilantro, shallots and ponzu sauce.

Banh-mi                                            $11

Siracha aioli, cilantro, cucumbers, carrot and protein of your choosing: pork loin, chicken or tofu (fresh or fried).

Veggie Burger                               $14

Breaded eggplant, cabbage, cucumber, cilantro, wasabi aioli, with fries.

Mandu 🥟                                      $9

Korean style pork dumplings. Ginger, garlic, scallions, tofu and cabbage.

Fries                                                $5

French fries with siracha mayo.

Kotsu Sando

(Japanese Style Sandwich)           $10

Breaded pork loin, served with fresh cabagge and house sauce.

Soft Drinks                                     $2


Coca Cola

Pouring a Pint

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