BMH Gift Package

BMH Gift Package

Send some love or treat yourself a gift! The BMH package is the perfect gift for this holiday season. With 3 different packages, this package aims to please all taste profiles for the beer lovers.
Here's what is included in each Package:
Bebe Local package:
	Old Harbor Oktoberfest
	Zurc Sweet Caroline
	Ocean Lab Blonde Ale
  Del Oeste Litoral
	Boqueron Brewing Hoppy Pilsner (16 oz)
	Beer Me Home Koozie (Green)
	Beer Me Home Clear Sticker
	BMH Drawstring Bag

Hoptimist IPA Package:
	Ocean Lab IPA
	Harpoon Black is Beautiful
	Collective Arts Ransack the Universe
	Del Oeste Residente Tripel
	Del Oeste Isleña Pilsner
	Boqueron Brewing Hoppy Pilsner (25.4oz)
	Beer Me Home Koozie (Green)
	Beer Me Home Green Sticker
	BMH Drawstring Bag

Black Christmas Stout package:
	Clown Shoes Gordo Imperial Pumpkin Stout (19.2oz)
	Bell's Expedition Stout
	New Holland Dragon's Milk White
	Boulevard Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Porter
	Ocean Lab Stout
	Boqueron Brewing Gripiñas Coffee Porter (25.4oz)
	BMH Koozie (White)
	BMH HeavyDuty Sticker
	BMH Drawstring Bag

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