Boulevard Bourbon & Imperial Stout (Tasting Room Series 2020)

Boulevard Bourbon & Imperial Stout (Tasting Room Series 2020)


Imperial Stout Aged in Port, French Oak and Rye Whiskey Casks

The base beer aged 10-12 months in three very different, very unique barrels: Port finished whiskey casks (69%), Rye whiskey barrels (20%), and uncharred French oak (11%). The final blend has strong undertones of dark chocolate that create complex layers of flavor with the soft fruit notes and elegant soft tannins contributed by the barrels.

  • ABV 12.4%
  • IBU 23


Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Porter

The thickest porter ever brewed, made with copious amounts of lactose and brown sugar to create a velvety mouthfeel. Aged for 17 months in barrels we acquired from Heaven Hill Distillery and Willet Distillery, the barrels express themselves as a strong vanilla aroma and flavor that mingles nicely with the notes of chocolate and molasses in the beer.

  • ABV 12.%
  • IBU 26